Global Warming invite new disease

There is a positive side of a long-term increase in temperature in the prevention of disease encephalitis, also hatavirus mice disseminated disease that can lead to lung failure and death.

The incidence of influenza throughout the year will also increase area around the equator, there is no influenza season. Thus, with increasing temperature, so that the tropics were widespread influenza cases during the year will be more and more.

Another study in Ausralia showed similar results. Life in outback Australia will be increasingly hard by the effects of global warming. This is caused by extreme weather and widespread tropical diseases.

The driest continent in the world is predicted to be the region hardest hit by climate change, and began a prolonged drought, which according to some researchers associated with global warming. In addition to drought, inland Australia is forecast to face floods and storms with increasing temperature.

Changing weather patterns could affect the distribution of mosquitoes and other stars who became inter-human disease transmission media. Various tropical diseases could move to places unforeseen. Continue reading “Global Warming invite new disease”

Vomiting Than Vomiting

Vomiting sometimes experienced by children with several causes, such as when eating foods that are not digested by him or any digestive disorder, which may be accompanied by diarrhea. If due to such things, not too difficult to overcome. Most important is providing adequate fluid intake to prevent dehydration.

Vomiting under some circumstances this needs special attention and immediate treatment of a doctor. This situation may be a sign that indicates a more serious condition than just pencernaaan tract infections:

Projectile vomiting (radiating), especially in infants less than 3 months old.
Vomiting that occurred back when given normal food.
Vomiting that occurs after a head injury.
Vomiting that occurs after the baby is drinking the liquid electrolyte within 24 hours.
Vomiting accompanied by fever 38oCpada rectal temperature measurements.
Vomiting greenish or yellowish because it mixes with bile.
Vomiting red (mixed with blood).
Vomiting accompanied by abdominal pain.
Vomiting blackish brown from blood mixed with stomach acid.
Vomiting with a stomach that feels hard, bloating and pain.
If your child shows signs of vomiting with the above, immediately consult a doctor to get treatment quickly.

Consumption excellence Tempe

Nutrition found in the tempeh is very high. Tempe can meet most needs amino acids, such as tryptophan, threonine, isoleucine, valine, and histidine. Tempe also contains vitamin B12 resulting from microbial activity in the fermentation process.

If we eat tempeh every day, it can meet the 62% protein needed by the body, 35% riboflavin, 34% of magnesium, 108% of manganese, and 46% copper. In addition, tempeh contains only 3.7 grams of saturated fat and less than 329 calories.

The content of the nutritional value of tempeh is much better than regular soy. The free amino acid content 24-fold higher. Value of fiber, vitamin B complex, the efficiency of protein, and free fatty acid value is also better. That’s what led to tempe serve as a perfect source of protein for people with diabetes. High content of fiber works to control blood sugar levels and prevent diarrhea in young children.

Her iron levels are high, which is 4 mg/100 g, causing anemia tempeh can solve the problem. The fermentation process in the manufacture of tempeh will activate the enzyme phytase that can increase the adsorption of iron in the blood.
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About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis and heart disease are health problems that often arise in the age 35 years and over. The best way to work around this is to prevent the disorder from an early age. One effective way to do this is diligently eating the right vitamins and minerals.

Osteoporosis occurs due to reduced bone mass accompanied by changes in the structure and quality of the bone tissue, causing health or fragility fractures.

Process slowly decreased bone density often causes no symptoms. That is why osteoporosis is called the silent disease. If bone density is greatly reduced so that bones become very brittle and even destroyed, there will be pain and skeletal deformities.

Medical world recognizes two kinds of osteoporosis, namely primary and secondary. Primary osteoporosis occurs in women who have undergone menopause (postmenopausal osteoporosis) and in older men (senile osteoporosis). Post menopausal osteoporosis occurs due to reduced estrogen in charge of helping organize the transport of calcium into the bones. Symptoms may arise at the age of 51-75 years, although not all women have the same risk for developing the disease. While the possibility of senile osteoporosis occurs due to calcium loss and imbalance between the rate of bone destruction and new bone formation. Continue reading “About Osteoporosis”

Cake Brownies Can Restore Stamina know

Brownies are usually familiar with slang cake with chocolate flavor is proved to have benefits can quickly recover stamina. Let’s look at the ingredients that have a high nutritional value.

Eggs, fats, sugar and wheat are the main structural components of brownies. To improve the texture, usually added emulsifiers and materials developers.

In terms of taste, it is more savory baked brownies. But in terms of health, steamed brownies safer because they do not form free radicals, while there is little chance baked to form free radicals.

Nevertheless, excessive concern over consumption baked brownies, it is not necessary. By nature, humans are also always produces free radicals in the body. As long as the amount of free radicals in the body which is still within the limits of control, there is nothing to worry about.
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Fracture is a condition in which the bone cracks. Generally accompanied by injury to the surrounding tissue. Fracture is also called a fracture that usually occurs due to an injury, such as accidents, falls, or sports injuries.

Fracture will occur if there is a power greater than the bone against the strength of the bone itself. Fractures is influenced by:

Types of bones
Age of a person
Fluidity owned by bone
Bones have osteoporosis so that bones become brittle and not hold the power to fight it.
Speed ​​and strength against the bone
Fractures have symptoms of bone pain. Suffered pain can occur with intense and progressively worse, especially if the fracture is moved or touched. If you have a broken bone, a person can not move the broken parts of the body. This happens because the body is broken can not function as usual. Fractures can be seen from the results of x-rays, and the x-rays one can also monitor the progress of the healing process. CT scan or MRI is sometimes necessary to be able to see areas that had broken in more detail. Continue reading “Fracture”

Trans Fats

If you really believe in advertising that says that fat (including cooking oils) fat-free cholesterol is good, you should be careful.

Advertisers because it does not lie in saturated fat and high cholesterol is not necessarily a good fat if we consume too much, but there might be explained by their forgotten. In the world of fatty liver, in addition to saturated and unsaturated fats, we are also familiar with another term that is trans fat.

As I realized that it was less healthy saturated fat, people started trying to take better advantage of unsaturated fats. Then unsaturated fats derived from plants (which certainly does not contain cholesterol) is converted from liquid to solid form. Logically, the resulting fat would be healthier because it is derived from plant fat-free cholesterol.

One way or the change process known as hydrogenation. Therefore, the results of its product called hydrogenated vegetable oils (hydrogenated vegetable oil) or better known as hydrogenated fats (hydrogenated fat). And this is the kind of fat that is widely used in the baking process, patry, margarine and other processed foods. Continue reading “Trans Fats”

Honey To The Small

Honey is delicious and the many benefits it can bring misfortune when administered at the little that has not reached the age of one year.

Honey taken from nature and consumed in pristine condition. Unfortunately, the purity is often tainted by bacteria that can produce toxins (toxins) in the baby’s digestive tract. The poison known as botulinum toxin.

Why must wait one year old child? Because after the age passes, the baby’s digestive tract is already quite mature and bacteria can not grow there.

It is quite unfortunate because the honey is well known as a good nutrient for health. But the problem is, there is no treatment that can kill the bacteria without damaging the honey itself.

Cases of poisoning is rare because not all honey contains bacteria. Therefore, not surprising that many parents still give honey to babies without ever having any adverse effects. The problem is, what if we are unlucky and children eating honey containing bacteria that?

With tersebutlah reason, it is always advisable that honey treatment should be carried out after the baby is older than one year.

Understanding the importance of Anemia

If we feel tired, very fast heart rate and irregular, and breathing the hunt but short, maybe it’s a sign we’re suffering from anemia. Anemia often arise due to various factors.

Anemia is a lack of blood disease, which is characterized by levels of hemoglobin (Hb) and red blood cells (erythrocytes) is lower than normal. If the hemoglobin level is less than 14 g / dl and erythrocyte less than 41% in men, then a man is said to be anemic. Similarly in women, women with hemoglobin levels less than 12 g / dl and erythrocyte less than 37%, then the woman was said to be anemic.

Anemia is generally caused by chronic bleeding. Poor nutrition or impaired absorption of nutrients by the intestine can also cause a person to experience a shortage of blood. Similarly, in pregnant or lactating women, if iron intake is reduced, it is likely to happen anemia. Bleeding in the digestive tract, leakage in the kidneys filter blood, excessive menstruation, as well as blood donors are not balanced with good nutrition can have a risk of anemia.

Acute bleeding also can cause lack of blood. In the event of severe bleeding, anemia symptoms may not appear. Blood transfusion is a major response actions in the event of acute hemorrhage. Bleeding is usually not aware of. Extravasation usually proceeds gradually and in a long time. Continue reading “Understanding the importance of Anemia”

Food for Eye Protection

Eyes are the senses that we desperately need. Without eyes, we can not do the work and activities to the fullest. Therefore, maximum effort in keeping the eyes we need to do. Among them is by eating a variety of foods that contain vitamin A.

During this time, known as a vegetable carrot berhasiat to protect eyesight. In fact, in many studies note that the eye needed to protect different types of nutrients. There are a variety of food as a source of vitamin A that is cinnamon leaves, boiled carrots, andaliman, lamtoro gung, gung lamtoro tempeh, boiled cassava leaves, fish meal, fish belida, eggs, flour anchovies, eel, and corn.

Here, examples of foods that contain three pieces of major nutrients to protect the eyesight:

Egg yolks are rich in lutein, an antioxidant that may reduce the risk of developing cataracts. Other food sources are also rich in lutein include broccoli, brussels sprouts and kiwi fruit. Continue reading “Food for Eye Protection”