Prepare Yourself Weddings Coming Events

The wedding party is a moment eagerly awaited by couples wishing to marry. Besides taking care of the event purposes, such as building, catering, invitations, wedding dresses , and so forth, you and your partner should keep it primed in such a happy day.

Each couple would want to look perfect on her wedding day. Therefore, as quoted from Get Wed, check out some tips below so you can enjoy the event as you wish.

Avoid overeating
If you do not want a wedding dress that had been prepared a few months ago suddenly narrow as weight gain, avoid solid food the night before the wedding. Select only brown rice and a few pieces of chicken or fish, then cover with fruit. Eat enough and do not overdo it.

Down the memory
Try to open another photo albums with friends. See more of your memories with him when he was going out first. By ‘walking’ down the memory, you’ll realize just how far the journey has been taken. You will come back eager to resume next life as a couple.

Practicing speeches and wedding vows
Men generally will recite wedding vows in the presence of the prince, as well as the wedding took place at the altar. Besides the wedding vows, sometimes there is a speech of his new bride to the invitation. Practice in front of a mirror or record a video, insert a bit of humor so that speech did not become rigid.

Pamper yourself
Having tired to prepare everything before the wedding, allow to pamper yourself to a salon. Do some treatments such as cream bath, massage, and other treatments that you can feel relaxed as a happy day arrives.

Making a list
Since you soon have a new life, of course there are also some new things to be done. Before you do, you should make a list first. Make a list of things what you want to see, do, and want to achieve as a couple. You can also create a list like going on vacation, children, pets, or a business plan.

The most important thing that should not be miss was sleeping. While some couples wishing to marry has been unable to sleep on the eve of her wedding, but you have to force yourself to get enough time to sleep. Make sure you do not use sleeping pills or something, because that could be bad the next day.

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