Fracture is a condition in which the bone cracks. Generally accompanied by injury to the surrounding tissue. Fracture is also called a fracture that usually occurs due to an injury, such as accidents, falls, or sports injuries.

Fracture will occur if there is a power greater than the bone against the strength of the bone itself. Fractures is influenced by:

Types of bones
Age of a person
Fluidity owned by bone
Bones have osteoporosis so that bones become brittle and not hold the power to fight it.
Speed ​​and strength against the bone
Fractures have symptoms of bone pain. Suffered pain can occur with intense and progressively worse, especially if the fracture is moved or touched. If you have a broken bone, a person can not move the broken parts of the body. This happens because the body is broken can not function as usual. Fractures can be seen from the results of x-rays, and the x-rays one can also monitor the progress of the healing process. CT scan or MRI is sometimes necessary to be able to see areas that had broken in more detail.

Several types of fractures:

Fractures simplex

Simplex fracture is also called a closed fracture. It was said, because it can not be seen from outside.

Compound fractures

Compound fracture is also called an open fracture. It is said that because of a broken bone looks from the outside because of the bone through the skin, so the skin wound and vulnerable to infection.

Compression fractures

Compression fractures occur as a result of the suppression. Compression fractures often occur in elderly people (who have osteoporosis in the spine).

Fractures caused by crushed

As the name implies, this type of fracture occurs due to a very strong force, causing the bone to be fractured and broken into pieces.

Avulsion fracture

Avulsion fracture due to a very strong muscle contractions that pull the bone where the tendons attach muscles. This type of fracture usually occurs in the shoulders, knees, ankles, and legs.

Fractures patogis

This patogis fracture occurs when the cancer grows in the bones, and causes bones to become brittle.

When fractures, blood can leak from a broken bone, and into the network in the vicinity. Blood can also quite a lot of injuries. For healing, the ends of the broken bone will be placed close together, and kept how to keep bones are still attached to each other. To heal a broken bone, it takes a minimum of four weeks. Fractures occur in children will get better soon. Whereas if it occurs in older people, generally require a longer time. Healing efforts can be done in several ways:

Restrict the movement of

Done by placing a hard object around the fracture. Generally done in case of a broken collarbone, broken shoulder blade, fractured ribs, a broken toe bone or hand.

The broken ends can not be moved at all.

Usually referred to as immobilization. Because it can not be moved at all, the muscles become weak broken parts. Therefore, patients must undergo physical therapy, which is carried out from the beginning was to plaster immobilization or the load is released. For instance: