About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis and heart disease are health problems that often arise in the age 35 years and over. The best way to work around this is to prevent the disorder from an early age. One effective way to do this is diligently eating the right vitamins and minerals.

Osteoporosis occurs due to reduced bone mass accompanied by changes in the structure and quality of the bone tissue, causing health or fragility fractures.

Process slowly decreased bone density often causes no symptoms. That is why osteoporosis is called the silent disease. If bone density is greatly reduced so that bones become very brittle and even destroyed, there will be pain and skeletal deformities.

Medical world recognizes two kinds of osteoporosis, namely primary and secondary. Primary osteoporosis occurs in women who have undergone menopause (postmenopausal osteoporosis) and in older men (senile osteoporosis). Post menopausal osteoporosis occurs due to reduced estrogen in charge of helping organize the transport of calcium into the bones. Symptoms may arise at the age of 51-75 years, although not all women have the same risk for developing the disease. While the possibility of senile osteoporosis occurs due to calcium loss and imbalance between the rate of bone destruction and new bone formation.

Secondary osteoporosis occurs due to medical conditions and medication use. For example, in patients with chronic renal failure and hormonal abnormalities, eg thyroid and adrenal, or those taking certain types of drugs. Excessive alcohol intake and smoking can aggravate this condition.

Symptoms experienced by patients with osteoporosis varies, as it felt a sudden pain in certain parts of the spine which is the pain when standing or walking, also formed curvature of the spine that causes muscle tension. Other common symptoms are prone to broken bones, such as the pelvis and arm bones, although with minor injuries only.

Number of patients with osteoporosis in Indonesia continues to increase from year to year. The most recent data from the center for research and development of food and nutrition Health Department showed that 41.7% of the population prone Indonesia early ostoporosis (osteopenia) due to lack of vitamin D and calcium.